ERASMUS+ project:
"Improvement of master-level education in the field of physical sciences in Belorussian universities"
Acronym: PHYSICS


Project information:


Name: "Improvement of master-level education in the field of physical sciences in Belorussian universities”, acronym: "Physics".

Implementation period: 36 months.

Recipients of international technical assistance:

Donor of international technical assistanceEuropean Union.


Project objectives:


  • upgrade education plans in four universities of Belarus in accordance with the Bologna practice of physical science in the field of electronic technology;

  • improve the quality and relevance of education through education programs modernization, the active use of ICT, as well as through cooperation in order to meet labor market needs.


Project tasks:


  • developing and upgrading courses and training materials for two master's level educational plans in the fields "Functional Materials" and "Photonics";

  • improving the qualifications and professional skills of teachers;

  • increasing the teachers and graduate students english language level;

  • strengthening the competence of the belarusian teachers in teaching courses in english;

  • applying modern technical infrastructure for training;

  • developing teaching and learning environment based on innovative ICT;

  • approximation of higher educational establishments of Belarus to the labor market needs;

  • bringing the higher education institutions (HEIs) in Belarus for the principles of the Bologna system;

  • implementation the ICT experience to facilitate the graduates of the way in industry and research institutions on the Physical Faculty.


Project brief study:


The project meets the priority directions of the Republic of Belarus higher school development with regard to the implementation of the key elements of the european higher education area in the national education system in accordance with the provisions of the higher education system of the Republic of Belarus Road Map adopted by the Conference of Education Ministers of the European Higher Education Area Member States (Yerevan, 15.05.2015) and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus dated 30.07.2015 № 628 "About measures for the implementation of the national education system of the еuropean higher education tools for the 2015-2018 period".

The project will contribute to improving the competitiveness of higher education of the Republic of Belarus in the field of physics in the world educational space and the further development of international cooperation with educational and scientific institutions of foreign countries.

The project is implemented at the expense of the European Commission and members of the project consortium. The consortium consists of seven universities (three from EU countries and four from Belarus), Ministry of  Education of the Republic of Belarus, Research Institute of Nuclear Problems of Belarusian State University and three non-governmental organizations of Belarus (Belarusian Physical Society, Republican Association of the Nanotechnology Industry, JV "LOTIS TII" LLC.).

The coordinating university of the project is Riga Technical University (Latvia). Belarusian State University (coordinator of Belarusian universities on the project), Gomel State University, Grodno State University, Belarusian State Technological University are involved in implementing the project from the Republic of Belarus. Other coauthors of the project are Catholic University of Bruges-Ostend (Belgium) and  University of Cyprus (Cyprus).


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