History of department

The development of physical and mathematical education in Belarus began with the discovery in 1932 of Physics and Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Education of the Belarusian State University.In 1933, the physico-mathematical department converted to the Physics and Mathematics Faculty.

In 1938, the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics included four departments: the Department of General Physics (Head of Department - Associate I.G.Nekrashevich), Department of Theoretical Physics (Head of Department - Associate F.I.Fedorov), chair of rentgenofiziki (Head Department - Assistant Professor I.P.Shapiro), chair of electromagnetic waves (head - Professor E.V.Snyatkov). In 1941, due to the war and occupation of Physics and Mathematics has stopped working and in September 1943 the station operated gangway near Moscow, and after the war of Physics and Mathematics, as well as the entire university, has resumed its activities in Belarus.

In October 1958, Physics and Mathematics was divided into two separate faculties - physical and mathematical. The first dean of the Faculty of Physics was M.P.Halimanovich. In the 60-70's physics department is experiencing explosive growth. On the basis of research laboratories in the Physics Department in 1971 created the Research Institute of Applied Physical Problems, headed by Academician A.N.Sevchenko. In 1976, on the basis of 4 departments of the Faculty of Physics offers Radiophysics and electronics. Somewhat later called the Institute of Nuclear Problems, headed by professor of nuclear physics V.G.Baryshevsky.

The pride of the faculty - its graduates. Among the famous graduate, first of all should be called the Hero of Socialist Labor, Laureate of the Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR Academy of Sciences Academician LA Artsimovich, Hero of Socialist Labor, Laureate of the Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR Academy of Sciences Academician N.A.Borisevicha, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of State Prize, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the honored worker of science of Belarus F.I.Fedorova, Hero of Socialist Labor, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, honored scientist of Belarus A.N.Sevchenko.

Today the structure of the faculty includes 11 departments, 12 research laboratories, educational and scientific observatory. Training is carried out in the following specialties: “Computer Physics”, “Nuclear Physics and Technologies”, “Physics of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies”, “Physics” (in areas). The educational process is provided by more than 300 employees and teachers, including 31 doctors of science and 165 candidates of science. Over 600 students are trained.
Among the graduates of the faculty are more than 50 academicians and corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 6 laureates of the Lenin Prize, more than 50 laureates of the State Prizes of the USSR, the BSSR and the Republic of Belarus. In addition, graduates of the faculty made 5 outstanding scientific discoveries.
In this series, Academicians of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus F.I. Fedorov, L.I. Kiselevsky, B. B. Boyko, B. V. Bokut, V. A. Pilipovich, L. V. Volodko, P. A. Apanasevich, V. S. Burakov, A.M. Goncharenko, G.P.Gurinovich.

In 2018, the Faculty of Physics celebrated its 60th anniversary.