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Zorin Vladimir Petrovich

Position:Head Laboratory of Biophysics and Biotechnology
Degree:Candidat of Biological Sciences
Contacts: :Room 111   Phone 2265947     e-mail
Research:photodynamic therapy, spectroscopic studies of biological systems, nanobiology, semiconductor nanocrystals, photosensitization in biological systems
Main papers:Zorin V., Kachatkou D., Sasnouski S., Zorina T., D’Hallewin M.-A., Guillemin F., Bezdetnaya L. Unusual photoin-duced response of mTHPC liposomal formulation (Foslip)// Photochem. Photobiol. 2009.- V.85.-№3.-P.719-724.

Dick S, Khludeyev I, Vasilevskaya L, Zorin V. Estimation of blood microcirculation in integuments by non-invasive speckle-optical method under the photodynamic action // Z. Med. Phys. – 2009. – V.19. – P. 90–96.

D’Hallewin M.A., Kochetkov D., Viry-Babel Y., Werkmeister E., Dumas D., Gräfe S., Zorin V., Guillemin F., Bezdet-naya L. Photodynamic Therapy With Intratumoral Administration Of Lipid-Based mTHPC in a Model of Breast Cancer Recurrence // Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, 2008.- V.40.- P.543-549.

Kachatkou D., Zorin V., Bolotina L. Photoinduced fluorescence quenching of mTHPC in liposomes. Application for the control of mTHPC distribution in biological systems.// Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Supplements. – 2008. – Part. 1.– Series of biological sciences. – С. 378-381.

Sasnouski S., Pic E., Dumas D., Zorin V., D’Hallewin MA., Guillemin F. and Bezdetnaya L. Influence of incubation time and sensitizer localization on meta-tetra(hydroxyphenyl)chlorin (mTHPC)-induced photoinactivation of cells// Ra-diat. Res.,2007.-V.-168.-P.209-217.

Sasnouski S., Kachatkou D, ZorinV., Guillemin F, Bezdetnaya L. Redistribution of Foscan from plasma proteins to model membranes.// Photochem. Photobiol. Sci., 2006, 5, 770-777.

Sasnouski S., ZorinV., Khludeyev I. ., D’Hallewin MA., Guillemin F. and Bezdetnaya L. Investigation of Foscan® in-teractions with plasma proteins//BBA.-2005.- Oct; 1725(3).-P.394-402.

Savitskiy V.P., Zorin V.P., Potapnev M.P. Accumulation of chlorine e6 derivatives in cells with different level of ex-pression and function activity of multidrug resistance protein P-gp 170// Experimental oncology.-2005.-V.27, №1.-P.47-